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001693MIU   001693MIU Printer Scanner Unit B548 Type 2045
024K   024K Drum
11500366   11500366 AC Power Cord
19070017   19070017 DDR-DIMM 128 MB
400557   400557 Fax Unit Type 3800C
410713   410713 PostScript 3 Kit Type 1045
410785   410785 2/3 Hole Punch Unit Type 1045
410905   410905 Paper Tray PS480
410971   410971 Interchange Unit Type 1027
411011   411011 PostScript 3 Type 1027
411376   411376 PostScript3 Kit Type 2045
411401   411401 PostScript 3 Unit B613 Type 2105
411446   411446 Fax Option B576 Type 2027
411602   411602 PostScript 3 Kit G369 Type 2238
412209   412209 2/3 Hole Punch Unit B702 Type 3260
412223   412223 PostScript3 Type 3260
412361   412361 Fax Option Type 3045
412583   412583 Print Scan Unit B737 Type 3260
412619   412619 Fax Option Type 3030
412654   412654 Scanner Printer Kit Type 2020 *NEW*
412855   412855 Punch Kit Type PU3000NA
412880   412880 Bridge Unit BU3000
413210   413210 Type C Java VM Card
413220   413220 Fax Unit Kit Type C3000
413347   413347 Fax Type C4500
413457   413457 PostScript 3 Type 4500
413889   413889 Hard Drive Type 5000
413954   413954 PostScript 3 Type 5000
413968   413968 Fax Option Type C7500
414175   414175 Bridge Unit BU3030
414555   414555 PostScript3 Unit Type C5000
414621   414621 PUNCH UNIT PU3010
414630   414630 Fax Option Type C2530
414710   414710 Type I Java VM Card
414830   414830 Fax Option Type C5000
414925   414925 Fax Option Type C2550
415126   415126 FAX OPTION TYPE C400 D483
415182   415182 PostScript 3 Type C7501
415483   415483 PostScript 3 Option Type C5501
415537   415537 Fax Type C2551
415543   415543 PostScript3 Unit Type C2551
415830   415830 PostScript3 Unit Type 3352
416017   416017 Paper Feed Unit PB1050
416126   416126 HDD Option Type C305
416168   416168 Fax Option Type C305
A02FR70500   A02FR70500 Fuser Unit 110 120 Volt
A03U500400   A03U500400 Transfer Roller K
A03UR70300   A03UR70300 Charging Assembly
A2291135   A2291135 Ring-55-Transfer Drive
A2294479   A2294479 Guide Plate-Reverse-Right
A2294477   A2294479 Reverse Guide Plate-Exit
A2295120   A2295120 I/O PCB
A2295140   A2295140 Interface PCB
A2297510   A2297510 Feed Control PCB
A2299061   A2299061 Laser Diode Unit
A229PCUA   A229PCUA PCU complete
A2323941   A2323941 Fulcrum Pin Right Cover
A2323945   A2323945 Front Hook Right Cover
A2323948   A2323948 Rear Hook Right Cover
A2324647   A2324647 Driven Guide Plate - Duplex
A2324666   A2324666 CUSHION Main Motor
A2324685   A2324685 Hook Unit - Release - Duplex
A2326080   A2326080 Bypass Size PCB
A2501752   A2501752 Exposure Glass
A2502779-N   A2502779 M6 Pin NEW
A2655120   A2655120 I/O PCB
A2655154   A2655154 CSS-Board
A2657601   A2657601 BICU PCB
A2671673   A2671673 Lens Holder
A2672724   A2672724 Lower Paper Guide Plate
A2672853   A2672853 CASSETTE END FENCE
A2675120   A2675120 I/O PCB
A2675730   A2675730 Power Pack BCTD
A2677601   A2677601 BICU PCB
A2841826   A2841826 Lens Block Assembly
A2845960   A2845960 BICU PCB
A2921891   A2921891 Laser Diode Unit
A2931095   A2931095 Fan Motor 24V
A2931097   A2931097 Motor
A2931155   A2931155 Bracket-Duplex Drive
A2931705   A2931705 Scanner Motor
A2935120   A2935120 I/O Board
A2935180   A2935180 PCB MCU
A2936200   A2936200 Paper Feed Unit
A2936210   A2936210 Paper Feed Unit
A2936220   A2936220 Paper Feed Unit
A8065510   A8065510 ADF Main PCB
A8127613   A8127613 Three Hole Punch Unit
AA140666   AA140666 Shaft - Hook- Vertical Transport Unit
AB012097   AB012097 Pressure Roller Idler Gear
AC012069   AC012069 EXPOSURE GLASS
AD027017   AD027017 CHARGE ROLLER Sub of Plotter
AD041107   AD041107 Transfer Belt Cleaning Blade
AE030065   AE030065 Fuser Bearing
AE030066   AE030066 Fuser Bearing 25X32X7
AE030067   AE030067 Bearing for Fuser Pressure Roller
AE044015-N   AE044015 Stripper Pawls NEW
AF017023   AF017023 END FENCE
AF017026   AF017026 PAPER STOP
AF020410   AF020410 Registration Roller - Upper
AF020510   AF020510 Exit Transport Roller - Duplex
AF020513   AF020513 Transport Roller - Middle - Duplex
AF020562   AF020562 Transport Roller
AF020565   AF020565 Inverter Roller
AF020578   AF020578 Entrance Decura Roller
AF020579   AF020579 Exit Decura Roller
AF020581   AF020581 Exit Drive Roller
AF020662   AF020662 TRANSPORT ROLLER X 3 Paper Exit
AF020664   AF020664 EXIT ROLLER X 2 Paper Exit
AF021059   AF021059 Registration Roller - Lower
AF025036   AF025036 Exchange Gate - Duplex
AF031060   AF031060 FEED ROLLER Bypass
AJ011015   AJ011015 Stapler
AW010061   AW010061 Sensor - Fuser Ent.- Vertical Transport Unit
AW010118   AW010118 Exit Sensor Fusing
AW010133   AW010133 SENSOR Original
AW010134   AW010134 SENSOR Original X 2
AW020183   AW020183 Sensor-Exit,FuserExit X 2
AW100124   AW100124 Thermopile
AW100138   AW100138 Thermopile
AX040078   AX040078 Tray Lift Motor
AX040143   AX040143 Rise Motor D 1.92W
AX040154   AX040154 24 V DC Stepper Motor
AX040191   AX040191 Paper Lift Motor
AX040220   AX040220 DC Motor Paper Feed Assembly
AX050239   AX050239 DC Motor Toner Bottle
AX050249   AX050249 ITB Drive Motor
AX050265   AX050265 Stepper Motor
AX050302N   AX050302 Stepper Motor NEW
AX050303   AX050303- STEPPING MOTOR
AX050333   AX050333 Intermediate Transfer Brushless Drive Motor
AX060141   AX060141 Polygon Mirror Motor 35cpm
AX060146   AX060146 Main Motor
AX060149   AX060149 Polygon Motor
AX060180   AX060180 Polygon Mirror Motor 45cpm
AX060199   AX060199 Main Motor
AX060200   AX060200 Polygon Motor
AX060205   AX060205 Main Motor
AX060206   AX060206 Main Motor
AX060208   AX060208 Motor Developer Paper Feed 35 CPM
AX060212   AX060212 Polygon Laser
AX060226   AX060226 Main Motor 24V 20W
AX060240   AX060240 Motor - Developer,Paper Feed
AX060243   AX060243 Drive Motor DC 24v 24.9W
AX060244   AX060244 Drive Unit Motor
AX060270   AX060270 BRUSHLESS MOTOR DC24V/20W
b1801120   AX060279 Main Motor
AX060280   AX060280 DC Motor MM63 24W
AX060281   AX060281 DC Motor MM56 15W
AX060286   AX060286 Polygon Motor
AX060290   AX060290 Brushless Motor 26W 10Z
AX060308   AX060308 Brushless Motor
AX060310   AX060310 DC Brushless Drive Motor 24 Volt 24 Watt
AX060318   AX060318 Polygon Motor
AX060322   AX060322 BRUSHLESS MOTOR DC24V/20W
AX060329   AX060329 Motor
AX060330   AX060330 Motor Main Assembly
AX060332   AX060332 Motor Paper Feed Developer Assembly
AX060354   AX060354 Brushless Motor 6W
AX060355   AX060355 Brushless Motor
AX060356   AX060356 Brushless Motor 24V 18W
AX060369   AX060369 Brushless Motor Drive Fusing
AX060375   AX060375 POLYGON MOTOR
AX060389   AX060389 DRUM MOTOR BLACK 31 W
AX060396   AX060396 Polygon Mirror Motor
AX060404   AX060404 DC Brushless Motor
AX060405   AX060405 DC Brushless Motor
AX060421   AX060421 DC Brushless Motor
AX060422   AX060422 DC Brushless Motor
AX060429   AX060429 DC Brushless Motor
AX070027   AX070027 Paper Exit Motor
AX070028   AX070028 MOTOR CARRIAGE P C1 Sub of Plotter
AX500073   AX500073 Xenon Lamp
AX500083   AX500083 Xenon Lamp
AX6400080   AX6400080 Fan Motor
AX640080   AX640080 Fan Motor
AX640143   AX640143 Fan Motor - Right Cover- Vertical Transport Unit
AX640147   AX640147 Fan Motor - Control Box
AX640170   AX640170 Fan (With Ducting)
AX640183   AX640183 Fan Motor- Duplex
AZ230109   AZ230109 Power Supply PCB
AZ230161   AZ230161 Power Supply Unit 100V
AZ230167   AZ230167 Power Supply Board
AZ230197   AZ230197 Power Supply Board Control Box
AZ230213   AZ230213 Power Supply Unit
AZ230217   AZ230217 Power Supply Unit 285W
AZ230221   AZ230221 Power Supply Unit
AZ230255   AZ230255 Power Supply Unit
AZ240106   AZ240106 Power Supply Unit Main
AZ240109   AZ240109 Power Supply Unit

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